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Regina is the capital of the prairie province of Saskatchewan. Located in the southern portion of the province, it is not far from the border with the United States, where it rubs shoulders with the states of Montana and North Dakota. At around two hundred thousand people, it is the second largest city in Saskatchewan next to Saskatoon, and is the halfway point between Winnipeg and Calgary. Its economy is built upon oil production and agriculture with an emphasis on fuel crops, but it is also a bustling financial, manufacturing and IT hub that is currently enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Regina’s political history is quite colourful, and there is much to be discovered here about Canada’s beginnings, as well as some of the more infamous events that have shaped the nation. Today, it is a bustling small city with a large, central urban park, vibrant nightlife and a wealth of exciting activities to intrigue every kind of traveller. Art galleries, theatres, clubs and live music venues offer a wide range of cultural options, while those inclined to browse, people watch and shop will love Regina’s shopping districts. Not least of all, the wide variety of dining options in- clude everything from great Asian food, dim sum and Indian to slow-food focused gastro-pubs, French-inspired fine dining, steakhouses and more. 

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